About The Texas Facilities Commission

In 1919, the Texas Facilities Commission was established as the State Board of Control. Its designated responsibility was to mandate consolidation of the State's purchasing, printing, and property management functions. It has since undergone several name changes, but has maintained its role as the stronghold to manage state government buildings. While the commission's reach has also shifted, its duties continue to span far and wide.

The Great State of Texas can thank the TFC for not only providing a secure and enjoyable work environment, but for making sure those buildings are energy efficient as well. Their goal is to provide a high quality work environment that is functional, energy efficient, and cost effective.

TFC has chosen to partner with Projectmates to aid in accomplishing this mission. Their software will help with all new expansion as well as renovations and remodels. This includes an upcoming $900M project that will bring thousands more workers into downtown Austin. Projectmates is thrilled to streamline their efforts.

About Projectmates Project Management Information System for Cities & Government

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